Important Information


Our protein meal replacement drinks are subject to nut allergens. Also, our skin care products may utilize tree nut oils and butters. 

We recommend to patch test all skin care products. 
If irritation of any sort occurs, please stop use immediately.  All skin care products are for topical use only and must refrain from eyes and mouth areas. 

None of our products are made to diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. Always consult with your health care provider before taking any dietary supplements or dietary products.

At Lisi Health & Wellness we simply provide plant based products based upon already published  research and aim to help your overall health over the span of a life time. 

 Maximize Results 

You must remain consistent in use of our products to obtain the best results. Please follow all provided use instructions. 

If you’re aiming for weight loss, in addition to detoxing we recommend eating balanced meals in moderation. Another recommendation is to have a Meal Replacement for one meal per day.   We also recommend  30 minutes exercise daily, even if it’s walking around your neighborhood. 
Wear your waist trainer for as much of the day as you can (Maybe during a work shift). It’s definitely recommended to wear your waist trainer while working out. 
Results ultimately depends on your dedication and  may differ for each individual.


What does 28 days Truly Mean? 

This is not a “Get Fit Quick”or “Baby Smooth Skin Quick”  scheme. Those quick options include expensive and risky surgeries or treatments! You may not achieve your end goal results in 28 days. However, our commitment is that you see some sort of improvement. Even, if it’s that you have more energy each day...those are the positive changes we want. Your end goal may be to lose 50 pounds, but since using our products you lost 5lbs....That’s progression! 
It’s very possible to achieve progression in less than 28 days!

 Show and Tell

Sometimes we get so use to the “old us” that we don’t notice change. Then others will ask “Have you lost weight?”. Please take a before picture when starting your journey.  If you notice changes in how you feel or physical appearance we’d love your feedback. Please send before & after pictures as well as any inspirational stories to

Our customers are our #1 preferred ambassadors! Get paid to inspire others and share your story. 

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