Affiliate Program

Want to earn extra cash just by using your phone?
The internet is the most fastest and easiest way to earn money of today. Everyone could use multiple income streams these days. 

Our affiliate program pays 10% of every referral directly to your PayPal or CashApp 🤑🤑🤑. You can actually login and track your referrals. 

In the same time, you’ll be able to provide your referees with a 10% discount !! Your discount code is reusable indefinitely! 

We have a variety of health & skin care products to create awareness about. Being an ambassador with us is easier than you think! The simplest item to promote is our body butter. Who doesn’t need to moisturize their skin? Who doesn’t have a bottle of lotion that claims to have Shea Butter it? It’s simple, get the raw Whipped Shea Butter instead! 

Upon signing up (No personal information needed), you’ll be given your own direct link to this website, as well as your own discount code. All you have to do is share it and get paid whenever someone orders! (NO INVESTMENT & NO FEES REQUIRED)

Ways to Share: 

✔️Social Media 

Influencers with a following of 10k+ qualifies for 1 free product of our choosing per month. You must actively promote our products (at least 4 days per week) and provoke engagement. This should be easy because these are life style products and needed daily. 



✔️Word of Mouth

Be A Pro:

The better you know our products, the easier it is to convince others to order. Be a model, showcase your own personal results by using our products. You can also use your own discount! Read all product descriptions and become familiar with everything we have to offer. All the information you need is right here on this website. 

You Are in Control: 

We do not have any specific requirements in terms of timeframes or routines for promoting. We do not micromanage. You are in complete control of  your success as an ambassador. The more you post! The more chances there are of you making sales! We will follow up with you via email from time to time, just to  see if there’s anything we can do help. We also like to obtain feedback on your ambassador experience for ways we can improve. 


Join our Facebook Group for support and further product knowledge. 


 Become an Affiliate Partner TODAY!!


*We reserve the right to end our partnership at any time for any reason. You are a brand ambassador, not an employee nor an independent business owner with us. We recommend to share items pictures directly from our website and social media accounts. All transactions must go through our website. We do not authorize any reselling of items. We ask that you only speak about the products based on the knowledge from our website, our CEO Alisia Hutchinson or based on your personal experience. Do not refer to someone else’s experience when promoting products.  As we know results are based on personal consistency and dedication. We reserve the right to change ambassador terms & conditions at anytime for any reason.