About Us

 Owner & Operator Alisia “Lisi” Hutchinson began focusing on her health in the beginning of 2021. She’s done research and tested all products on her self and some products on her adolescent acne prone children. Yes, 100% cruelty free! All products are 100% Vegan and all ingredients are derived from a plant. All products are safe for all skin and body types.

 Lisi is her own proof that her products WORK! She is on a health and wellness journey side-by-side with you. No surgery or celebrity models! 

Her mission is to provide safe, non-chemical products that actually work and transform your body and skin in a realistic timeframe.  

She believes there is no magical “fat burner pill” “hunger suppression pills, sprays or drops” nor anything of that nature. You have to make life style changes to your diet, physical activity, skin care routine and you must detox to truly transform your health and physical appearance.